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Greeley Crime Scene Cleanup

Front Range Hazard Restoration is based out of Fort Collins, in Larimer County, and serves all of the Front Range Region of Northern Colorado including the City of GreeleyColorado.

We provide professional Crime Scene Cleanup, Trauma Scene Cleanup, Biohazard Cleaning, Hoarder Home Cleanup, Death Cleanup, Blood & Bodily Fluid Cleanup, Illegal Drug Cleanup, Homeless Encampment Cleanup, Sewage and Hazardous Garbage Cleanup, and Suicide or Unattended Death Cleanup throughout Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming including Greeley in Weld County, Colorado. 

About Greeley, Colorado

Greeley is a city in Northern, Colorado, around 60 miles Northeast of Denver and 30 miles East of Fort Collins, in Weld County, Colorado. Incorporated in 1886, Greeley, Colorado has grown to an estimated 109,128 in 2024, making it the most populous city in Weld County, Colorado.  Greeley is also the County Seat for Weld County, CO.

Greeley was established in 1870 by Nathan Meeker, the agriculture editor of Horace Greeley’s New York Tribune. Named after Horace Greely, he visited the town only once in 1870 and never returned. Greeley was built on agriculture from sugar beets in the early 1900’s to cattle ranches. 

Greely hit its growth stride in the 1950’s with the building of businesses, industries, schools, public institutions and residential development.

Greeley boasts 300 days of sunshine a year and was ranked the 4th best place to live in Colorado. Greeley is home to the University of Northern Colorado and Aims Community College.

Welcome to Greeley, Colorado

Greely Colorado in Weld County, Norther Colorado's Front Range

The Front Range is a mountain range of the Southern Rocky Mountain that runs from Central Colorado, up through Northern Colorado into Southern Wyoming. The Front Range runs from Pueblo, CO. up to Casper, Wyoming to the North. The Front Range refers to the populous urban corridor just East of the Rocky Mountains from Pueblo, Colorado to Cheyenne, Wyoming. Greeley Colorado is part of the Front Range, between Denver and Fort Collins, CO.

City of Greeley in Weld County Colorado

Greeley Colorado Crime Scene Cleanup Biohazard Cleanup
Front Range Hazard Restoration is a professional biohazard cleanup and disposal company serving Northern Colorado including Greeley and Weld County, Colorado

Greeley, Weld County and Northern Colorado Biohazard Cleanup Service Areas

Front Range Hazard Restoration provides crime scene cleanup and biohazard cleanup and disposal services in Greeley, CO. in Weld County, Colorado. We provide professional, IICRC certified, biohazard cleanup services for crime scenes, trauma scenes, and unattended deaths throughout Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming, From Denver to Boulder, Loveland to Greeley, and Fort Collins to Cheyenne. 

Biohazard & Crime Scene Cleanup Services in Greeley, CO.

Professional IICRC Certified biohazard cleanup, crime scene cleanup, hoarder home cleanup, unattended death cleanup & illegal drug lab cleanup in Greeley

24/7 Emergency Services available for crime scene/trauma scene biohazard cleanup services in Greeley and Weld County, Colorado, including Windsor, Pierce, Ault, Eaton, Evans, Johnstown, Briggsdale, La Salle and Kersey, as well as Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont and Denver.

Unfortunate situations like unattended deaths, auto accidents, suicide, and crime or trauma scenes can result in blood spills and other bodily fluids that may be a biohazard. 

Illegal drug manufacturing and distribution are a huge problem in Colorado and throughout the US. We are often called to cleanup and properly dispose of these drugs and the toxic chemicals.

Biohazard Cleanup encompasses many services offered by crime scene cleanup and trauma scene cleanup companies, but it is primarily focused on the removal or reduction in contaminants that are hazardous to humans including viruses & bacteria. We provide professional biohazard cleanup.

Whether a crime scene, trauma scene, or suicide, we provide IICRC-certified biohazard cleanup for death situations and dead body cleanup  and disposal in Greeley and Weld County, CO.

Homelessness is a big problem in today’s world. When homeless encampments are cleared out by authorities, we come in clean out any biohazards, drugs, needles, food waste and toxic garbage.

Hoarding disorder is a psychological issue affecting individuals and families of all ethnicities, socioeconomic status and people of all ages. We can help with hoarding home biohazard cleanup and getting the right help for your family member. Your family member is always our top priority.

In the unfortunate event you are faced with dealing with a death due to suicide, companies like Front Range Hazard Restoration are called in to cleanup the potential biohazard from blood & bodily fluids.

Hazard Restoration means we provide certified cleanup for crime scenes, trauma scenes, and hoarder homes where biohazards may be present. We clean & restore the home, building, or property.


If you are in need of crime scene cleanup or biohazard cleanup services in Greeley, and Northern Colorado – Call our 24/7 Emergency Service Line at 970-818-1324 for immediate assistance 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Front Range Hazard Restoration Provides Professional Crime Scene Cleanup and Biohazard Cleanup services in Boulder County, Larimer County, Denver County, Weld County, Arapahoe County, Adams County, Broomfield County, Denver County, and Douglas County, Colorado, and Laramie County in Southern Wyoming. We offer 24/7 Emergency Crime Scene Cleanup and Biohazard Cleanup Services: 970-818-1324

Greeley Colorado Crime Scene Cleanup Biohazard Cleaning and Disposal

The Front Range in Northern Colorado

Serving Northern Colorado & Southern Wyoming

Greeley, Fort Collins, Loveland, Colorado and the Front Range in Northern CO.

Serving Greeley & Northern Colorado

Front Range Hazard Restoration is based out of Fort Collins, in Larimer CountyColorado. We provide professional Crime Scene Cleanup, Trauma Scene Cleanup, Biohazard CleaningHoarder Home CleanupDeath CleanupBlood & Bodily Fluid CleanupIllegal Drug CleanupHomeless Encampment CleanupSewage and Hazardous Garbage Cleanup, and Suicide or Unattended Death Cleanup throughout Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming. Greeley is located in Northern Colorado, 30 miles East of Fort Collins.

Greeley Biohazard Cleanup & Disposal

Greeley Colorado Biohazard Cleanup and Disposal Crime Scene Trauma Scene Biohazard Cleaning Services
IICRC Certified Crime Scene Trauma Scene (TCST) Biohazard Cleanup
IICRC or Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification for Trauma and Crime Scene Biohazard Cleanup Technicians - TCST.
Biohazard Cleanup & Disposal in Greeley, Colorado